Fresh Farm Eggs


Farm Fresh Eggs $4

Everyday we tend to our chickens letting them out first thing in the mornings so they can cruise all day on pasture. Soaking up the sun (when we have it here in the PNW!) and snacking on bugs. At night we lock them up due to predators in the area. We collect our eggs everyday and put several dozen in our cooler in the stand. If you happen to stop by and there are no eggs available most likely they have sold out for the day already! They go very quickly especially when folks purchase 2 or 3 at a time. No worries though you can simply go down the road to The Acme General Store where you may be able to find a dozen or two! In the winter time our girls tend to slow down a little in production but come this Spring and Summer they will be ready! We just purchased 100 more chicks this fall and they will start laying in the Spring as well, so we will have your needs covered!