Sm. Sirloin Tip Roast


These Sirloin Tip roasts are beautiful! We have selected some of our best just for you. They range in size from 2.5 to just over 3lbs! Perfect for the crockpot, oven or even the Instapot! Just the right amount of marbling. This cut is great for that winter dish you have been wanting to cook. Low and slow! Just add some thyme, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper and a little oil to coat it and you are golden. Many different ways to season a roast. This is just one way we like to get something in the oven fast and let it go!

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• The “delivery” option is for meeting in an agreed location in Whatcom County. If this option is selected, we will communicate via email on a location that works for both parties. Date/time to be set.
• The “stand pickup” option is at Mama’s Garden (2600 Valley Hwy Deming) if you choose. We then will set up a date/time that works for both parties to meet at the stand to receive your order
• We will email you within 24hrs once your order is confirmed

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All our beef is born and raised here in the South Fork Valley of Deming, WA. It’s important to us to know our animals which is why we raise them and know everything about them from day 1 until we butcher. We believe in selling a good quality beef and good beef comes from an animal and the land that is respected and taken care of. We are a family made up of farmers who have a passion for farming, beef raising, and gardening. Our beef has an outstanding texture and taste to it. We hope you enjoy!
Grass Fed
No Grain
No antibiotics
No added Hormones
USDA inspected
Local and family owned
Stress Free Environment