Well gang it’s been an incredible season this year! Thank you for coming out and supporting our little garden and what we do. Right now we only have a few things left in the stand for the season. 


Currently we have the following

  • Kale and Chard (until we get a hard freeze) $2.50 bag 
  • Eggs (these will be year round in the stand) $4
  • Beef (also year round, so please email us for most current inventory and prices
  • Flower Bouquets (until we get a hard freeze as well) $10 and $5 options 
  • Winter Squash (lots of varieties) $3 and $2 
  • Cornstalks for fall decor $3 bundle 
  • Pumpkins ($3 $5 and $8) 
  • Gourds $1 each 
  • Peppers $.50 each