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Food for Your Soul

Our stand is nestled in the South Fork Valley of Deming Washington in Whatcom County. We are family owned and operated.
At Mama’s we grow our crops as sustainably as we can. We cultivate our fields with our hands, hoes and tractor. Each day we let our chickens out to cruise around in the pasture looking for bugs and soaking up the sun and at night, due to predators we lock them in the barn. We spread our chicken compost over our fields to replenish the soil. We grow cover crops to enhance soil fertility and to help stimulate soil biology.
The cover crops we have grown are clover, buckwheat, wheat and rye. We rotate our crops as best we can to discourage the presence of disease and help maintain soil health. We invite you to take a scenic drive along Hwy 9 and enjoy the views. Come see for yourself how we grow food for you. Your trust in us is our most valuable asset.  
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What's Happening on The Farm?

Blueberries are now CLOSED for the 2021 season

Our 2021 blueberry season has come to an end! We want to thank you all for coming out and having another great season with us. If you are interested in…

Blueberries are now CLOSED for the 2021 season
Blueberry U-Pick is open til dusk

Blueberries are in full swing! Have you come out to pick berries with us before? You should!! We have some of the best blueberries around and they are Certified Organic.…

More beef coming this month!
  Are you on our list for beef this month? We will be picking up another round of beef by the end of July. We are currently taking requests for…
More beef coming this month!

See What Folks Have to Say About the Farm!

:Finally made my way out there today with my daughter and we loved it! You guys were so amazing with her. Thank you again for such a fun outing! Maria ate her tomatoes while we ran errands after and corn chowder is being made with the rest of the amazing corn we snagged. Great job on an amazing farm, garden and great kiddos.”

Angela LoGrande

Angela LoGrande

“Thank you Mama’s! We bought the tenderloin steaks on Friday. Had them Sunday… Oh my gosh so yummy, fresh and tender!! It is truly a blessing to know we can get such fresh beef! Thanks again!!!!

Delfina Amarando

Delfina Amarando

“Their vegetables, flowers, eggs meat are all delicious. the customer service is superb. you could not ask for a better group of women to get fresh food from. highly recommend.”

Carlene Jones

Carlene Jones

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2600 Valley Hwy, Deming WA