Hi guys! I’m Renee Kalsbeek, one of the Mama’s here at Mama’s Garden.

I love everything about Mama’s and what we offer. The joy that our little stand brings to so many is priceless. I’m honored and proud to be able to bring that to so many! I love that we are 100% family owned our families, kids help us as often as they can. It warms my heart that my kids (2 boys) get to grow up experiencing this. Learning to grow and raise what we eat. I would not trade working with my 2 sister in a laws for anything. The amount of laughing and teasing each other are memories we will have forever and stories our kids will talk about in years to come.

Besides doing day to day jobs around the farm, I also manage our social media accounts which I really enjoy connecting with our followers. Often times we get to meet our followers and that’s always fun when you get to put a face to the name!

When I’m not working at the garden you can most certainly find me behind the lens of my camera! I love taking photos of the garden, landscape and the farm. One of my favorite things is what I call chasing “old barns”. When I can I take every opportunity to travel to the East side searching for old homesteads. I love the history behind it all.

I love spending as much time with my family as I can. In a blink of an eye my boys will be grown up and gone, which makes this mama sad! So we get outside, hike, play and just spend time together. We have one life to live and should live it to the fullest!

What better life to have; being with those you love and farming on this beautiful world God has created for us.