Each wagon had 3 sleds of plants. Anywhere from 20 to 40 plants per wagon. Just depending on the size of the root ball!

When your boots feel like they weigh 20lbs.

This was our celebration dance as we lowered the final 1000th plant! We had some great family friends helping us this day!

All done planting, time to cover with sawdust


Over the winter Mama’s worked really hard as a family putting together and following through with the idea of blueberries! We had the opportunity to purchase 2000 local blueberry plants and we did! It was a lot of work but we did it together and we managed to work up fields, organize and plant 1000 plants currently at the garden just north of where the stand sits. These 1000 plants will be ready next year or so for picking. The other 1000 plants we left in their current location so that we can pick them this summer and fall. With that we will be having a u-pick!! Exciting times for Mama’s Garden. The details of that will come here shortly. Next winter we will do it all over again and more second half of the 2000 plants to the garden as well.

When we decided to start the blueberry operation we knew exactly who we wanted to bring on as our 3rd Mama. My sister-law and Kim’s sister Kelly DeKriek. We knew she would be perfect as our blueberry manager!! With that she accepted and is now officially our 3rd partner! We could not be more happy with this! Kelly brings a lot of energy and eagerness to learn and take the challenge on.

The days were wet and cold but we worked hard together as a family and earlier this month we finally planted that 1000th plant! They are all nicely tucked away with a blanket of sawdust and we can’t wait to see how they grow! This is going to be such a great addition to our garden and for our customers!

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