“Beyond the gates at Mama’s”

“Beyond the gates at Mama’s”

“Beyond the gates at Mama’s”

“February Wrapped Up”

Blueberries: The cold and snow held us back when it came to progression in the berry field. We had set a goal to get the sawdust all spread and the newly transplanted bushes pruned, neither of these tasks were accomplished. Our hope is that the snow will finish melting soon, so we can get “back to work!”

Beef: We are continually offering different beef combination packages because of fluctuating inventory. In early February the beef were all brought into the barn for extra shelter from the cold winds and snow. They are eating a high quality grass hay that the farm grows and harvests every summer. 

Chickens: Chickens hate the snow!!! They definitely are feeling cooped up. We had to put up an emergency wind block when the north winds were blowing and the temperatures were in the teens. This not only helped keep the chickens warmer, but also helped keep their waters from freezing. A big thank you to Matt and Jamie for helping! The chickens are definitely anxious for spring!! 

Plants: February means time to begin planting! We delayed starting by one week in hopes it would warm up some, but that did not pan out for us. We went to work thawing frozen potting soil which took 2.5 hours to unthaw! You can see our video on Instagram or Facebook! More than one way to thaw out dirt! Every week until the end of July we will be planting flowers and vegetables. So we have a lot to do and catch up because of this cold weather and Mother Nature’s sense of humor in March! This morning we woke up to 3 more inches of snow! 

Well this about sums it up. February was cold, windy and snowy! Moving into March with sunny skies gives us hope. Daffodils are just around the corner. Come on Spring we need you!! 

The Mama’s 

Kim, Renee and Kelly 







Welcome to “Beyond the gates at Mama’s”

January was exceptionally mild for us this year. That being said it enabled us to work hard in the Blueberry field. We finished pruning as well as finished transplanting the other half of our plants!! What an accomplishment to have that complete! We still have many activities to do in the field, like applying sawdust, laying plastic, mulch, installing drip irrigation and finally planting grass between all the rows. 

 We found time to take our annual trip to the greenhouse supply store in Snohomish, Washington. It was a nice break for a day to get away, shop and have lunch together. We discussed this year’s plans which include doubling our egg production and some other fun possible ideas for this year! 

Renee has been successful in uploading beef sales onto our website. This is a wonderful addition, it allows for the beef products to be more available to you, the customer! If you don’t see what you are looking for online for the beef please feel free to ask us! 

Lastly we have been working on ways to develop friendships with our supporters! Because you are truly the reason we are able to continue farming. We have been talking and considering adding a few more farm events this year and we will try to keep you updated each month with this little blog “Beyond the gates at Mama’s” So please stay tuned for more to come! 


Kim, Renee and Kelly