These are the lovely ladies who work hard to bring you fresh eggs every day. Each morning they are let out into the pasture to look for bugs, bath in the dust (often used as a method to keep cool in the hot summer days) and to do their usual, highly important chicken business.

To keep our girls happy, we make sure they have a clean coop filled with sweet straw, fresh water, and feed. Two to three times a day, we collect the eggs from the coops. Did you that a hen lays only one egg in the span of 24 hours? Our hens lay beautiful brown eggs in a variety of shades, which are determined by the color of the hen’s earlobes! That’s right folks, the color of the egg depends on the color of the earlobe of the chicken who laid it. Pretty interesting, right!

Our chickens are all of the Black Star variety. They are known for being abundant egg producers. We get them when they are only a day old, and are raised in Mama Kim’s barn until they have molted out of their fluffy chick feathers and into their brand new hen feathers. We generally end up with a rooster or two in the batch of chicks we receive, but we don’t mind because they help to protect the girls from the predators of the air. Once the chickens have made their transition from chick to pullet, a young female chicken, they are brought to the Garden to settle into their new home. We have anywhere from 200-250 chickens at a time, so our girls are very busy providing you with the freshest eggs.

Where can you buy our eggs? Well you can always stop at our little farm stand here in the South Fork Valley or you can swing into The Acme General Store located south of our stand just over the bridge in Acme!