We did it! We set a goal and we accomplished it. So excited this year to say we are officially “Certified Organic” with the blueberries. We will be offering u-pick as well as we-pick. This is the first year since transplanting 2000 plants over 2 years ago that all of them will be producing! We have been walking the field checking them daily. The plants look amazing and are full of berries! We are hopeful for a great crop this season. We have 7 different varieties to pick from and typically our season begins about the middle of July. We look forward to seeing you all ~ The Mama’s ~ Kim, Renee and Kelly

2020 Prices U-Pick

More info to come! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for up to date information. You can always email us as well at mamasgarden3@gmail.com

  • Grazing Fee $5 per car
  • $3 lb. u-pick
  • Pick 10lbs or more in a picking and the price is $2 lb.
  • We-pick $4 lb. (please allow 24 hrs notice for ordering flats)
  • Hours TBD