We will be opening tomorrow July 22nd for our u-pick!! Currently we are pick Reka and Bluecrop. Prices for our 2020 season are $3lb u-pick but if you pick 10lbs or more in a single picking the price will be $2lb. We also offer we-pick (preorder) if you’d like to skip the field or don’t have time! Let us know! We also offer in our stand $5 pints and $10 2lb clamshells.

Grazing fee per car $5

Cash/Check. If we are available and around we’d be happy to take credit as well. However there will be times that we are not there and the honor system will be in place.

U-pick $3lb ($2lb If 10lbs or more is picked)

We-pick $4lb ( no minimum amount required)

With all that’s going on we have a few suggestions.

  • There is definitely enough space for everyone to maintain 6 feet or more from each other so please respect each other space !
  • Masks are not required however if you feel the need for one please bring one .
  • We will have our washing station set up for you so please wash your hands before picking and after picking!
  • No pets allowed. It’s going to be very hot so please just leave them at home versus leaving them in your vehicle.
  • If you feel sick or your little one feels sick please stay home we would be happy to pick an order for you.
  • Please keep an eye on your little ones while picking!
  • Most of all just enjoy yourself and being outside in this beautiful weather!!
  • Anytime you have questions please feel free to email us or call us .
  • Email mamasgarden3@gmail.com

The Mama’s

Kim, Renee and Kelly