Have you been thinking about trying our beef but just didn’t know which cut to start with? This is a great opportunity to try our Sample Box! We have a box that has 6 different cuts in it! Our beef is grass fed, never any antibiotics, no added hormones, grass fed only! We raise them from the beginning and we know everything that happens to our herd. We take a lot of pride in raising quality beef for you and your family! Try it, you will be hooked!

If you would like an order please email us at mamasgarden3@gmail.com and we will put one together for you! We are currently doing Farm pick up only at this time, which we do daily! Once we have made contact with you we will work out the details of your order and pick up date/time.



Sample Box contains the following 1 package of each and is $50

Top Sirloin Steak

NY Strip Steak

1lb Ground Beef

1 Package of Stew Meat

1 Package of Patties (3 per package)

1 Top Round Steak