The wait is over!!!! Our vegetable and flower starts are now available in the stand to you! We have a large variety and will continue to put more out each week. Many of you have been asking and we are in full swing with them.

The stand is open every day M-Sun from 8am-7pm.

Vegetable Starts 

Kale – Chard – Sweet Corn – Head Lettuce – Tomatoes (slicers-cherry) – Green/Purple Cabbage – Peppers – Herbs – Salad Mix –

Broccoli – Snap/Snow Peas – we will soon bring out the summer/winter squash as well. 


Flower Starts 

Sunflowers – 6pks of Petunias – Calibrachoa – Marigolds – Dusty Miller – Pansy – Impatiens – Zinna – Lobelia – Geraniums – Bacopa

All prices are listed in the stand. If you have any questions please feel free to email us. We hope you have a great gardening season!

The Mama’s

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