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More beef coming this month!


Are you on our list for beef this month? We will be picking up another round of beef by the end of July. We are currently taking requests for orders. You don’t want to miss out! Our all natural grass fed beef is the best in the South Fork Valley. The marbling is incredible and the texture of our beef is so tender.

We offer several different cuts from ground beef, briskets, roasts, steaks to stir fry! There is no minimum amount needed to order. We will work with you to customize what best fits you and your family. If that means 2lbs of ground beef then we are happy to help. We want everyone to be able to enjoy a good quality beef.

From time to time we will have a few items on our website but it’s always best to contact us and see what we have in our inventory. We will often times post “deals” on our social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. Subscribing to our email list is another way of knowing when things are happening on the farm!

From our farm to your table, it’s food for the soul!
If you’d like to place a request for beef please send us an email at 
The Mama’s
Renee, Kim and Kelly

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