Yes, it’s true, West Coast Bigleaf Maple Syrup! You can make it here in the PNW. We have been tapping our Big Leaf Maple Trees on our family farm now for 2 years. When the trees on the West Coast begin to turn orange, a very unique gift is brewing in our Bigleaf Maple’s. With the first frost the process has begun. So much joy comes for the first tap into the trees on our farm each Winter.

We are proud to share this delicious treat from our farm to your table and hope you enjoy the unique flavors West Coast Maple’s offer as much as we do!

Taste the many layers of flavor each bottle offers. From vanilla to nutty flavors. From light Amber coloring to a rich dark coloring. Each bottle has a little different flavoring. The farther into the season which typically runs from December to beginning of March the color gets darker! The weather controls the season. It has to be cold temps and then slight warm up for the sap to flow good.

Some of our favorite ways to enjoy our Bigleaf Maple Syrup are adding a dash to morning coffee on the farm, to adding a little some Greek yogurt or simply putting it on your pancakes! Any way you decide to have it you will enjoy it.

We will be offering 5 oz and 12 oz bottles via our shop on the website, or you can pick up a bottle at the Acme General Store in Acme, Wa. More locations to come!


From our farm to your table, enjoy!

The Mama’s

Renee, Kim and Kelly


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