About our beef


We are excited to be offering USDA grass fed Angus Beef! We have been purchasing locally raised beef here in the South Fork Valley from DeKriek Farms.


Our beef:

CLEAN = We do not add anything to our beef

Our Angus beef is pure and natural. We NEVER add anything to them. No added hormones, no antibiotics and no grain. Just simply grass fed! Our cows graze on pastures while enjoying a nutritious, pure diet of grasses. with no corn or grains. 

USDA Inspected 

We work with a local butcher shop that coordinates with a USDA inspector at the time of our butchering. Our meat is thoroughly inspected and approved by USDA standards. 


Our steers are purchased from Mama Kelly who outside of the garden has her own herd of Angus. Each year when she has a new group of calves we set aside a handful for Mama’s. We then bring them when they are ready and raise them up out by Mama’s Garden. We know from the beginning to the end how each animal is handled and each animal is cared for. It’s very important to us to keep things local. 


Good beef comes from an animal and the land that is respected and taken care of.  We believe in having a stress free environment for them. 


We take great pride in providing quality beef at it’s finest! Not only is it important that our beef is healthy for themselves, but their meat is healthier for you to eat. Compared to grain-fed beef. Here are just a few reasons why grass fed beef is better for you. 

  • #1: Grass-Fed Beef Has Fewer Calories.
  • #2: Grass-Fed Beef Helps Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels.
  • #3: Grass-Fed Beef Contains Electrolytes.
  • #4: Grass-Fed Beef Helps Fight Cancer.
  • #5: Grass-Fed Beef Contains More Healthy Fats.